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 Funding has been provided to support Indigenous Governments to provide resources to their members that live in the NWT to disperse to physically distance On the Land.

 It will be up to each government to determine the most effective way to distribute these resources to their membership.

 The funding may be used to subsidize transportation and to purchase materials and supplies for members to spend 2 or more weeks on the land. This includes expenses such as gas, groceries, camping gear and equipment, etc. Firearms and ammunition are not eligible expenses.

 As healthy community members disperse those remaining in the community may require additional assistance with access to groceries or other supplies such as wood for woodstoves, etc. Indigenous governments are encouraged to support their members, especially the elderly or homebound in this way.

 The funding is not to be used for 14 day self-isolation purposes.

 Pictures should be taken of the location

 List all members  that are going

On the Land Funds - COVID19
Do you own or have a cabin?
Will you be away from the community or other people for over 30 days?

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