Salt River First Nation is located in the Northern most part of Alberta and the Southern most part of the Northwest Territories. We are a mix of Cree and Chipewyan people. We have members In the Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Newfoundland. We also have members in the United States, Germany and Australia.


Message for members

On the Land

Healing Workshop

This workshop has been postponed to a later date. Thank you for understanding in this matter.



Attention Band Members,

It is unfortunate that we are now facing a global health crisis that seems all to real. We had scheduled a budget meeting for tonight at the band office. We have come to the decision to POSTPONE the meeting until we see a stabilization in these new cases in Canada. The elders have collectively made the recommendation, that our members and our general public's safety should be a priority. Salt River First Nation will adhere to health professional’s advice even in the far reaches of the North. We will update members with a mail-out and website posts of the new future date and time in the coming weeks. Thank you all for your understanding in the matter.

Chief David Poitras


We encourage all Band Members that are aged 16-30 interested in sitting in on meetings in person or via video/phone call to apply, topics can range from:

Education                                      Health and Wellness

Economic Development             Homelessness

Climate impact                             Wildlife

Governance                                  Investments

Training                                         Land Development

Water Resources                         Traditional Knowledge

Public Works                                 Housing

Technology advancement          Power Generation


Please leave your name number with Cecilia Schaefer at 872-2986  or email: reception.srfn@northwestel.net

Thank you,

Salt River First Nation Chief and Council

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